Jonathan Gonzales

Jonathan Gonzales

 stupid_faceJonathan Gonzales received his B.S. degree in Physics from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma in May 2007 and an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from OSU-Stillwater in December 2009. He is currently pursuing a PhD in ECE at OSU-Tulsa and is employed as a research assistant at the Helmerich Research Center.

Jonathan’s research focuses on MEMS sensors and sputtered aluminum nitride thin films. He is currently working on resonant based accelerometers and similar sensors based on the TPoS resonators, specifically moving towards applications in bio systems.



Publications :

Emad Mehdizadeh, Jennifer Chapin, Jonathan Gonzales, Amir Rahafrooz, Reza Abdolvand, Byron Purse, Siavash Pourkamali, "Direct Detection of Biomolecules in Liquid Media Using Piezoelectric Rotational Mode Disk Resonators,"

Emad Mehdizadeh, Jonathan Gonzales, Amir Rahafrooz, Reza Abdolvand, and Siavash Pourkamali, "Piezoelectric Rotational Mode Disk Resonators for Liquid Viscosity Monitoring," Hilton Head 2012 Workshop, Hilton Head, SC, June. 2012.

M. Shahmohhamdi, B.P. Harrington, J. Gonzales, and R. Abdolvand, "Temperature-Compensated Extensional-Mode MEMS Resonators on Highly N-Type Doped Silicon Substrates," Hilton Head 2012 Workshop, Hilton Head, SC, June. 2012.

Arash Hajjam, Amir Rahafrooz, Jonathan Gonzales, Reza Abdolvand, and Siavash Pourkamali, "Localized Thermal Oxidation for Frequency Trimming and Temperature Compensation of Micromechanical Resonators," MEMS 2012, Paris, France, Jan. 2012.

Jonathan M. Gonzales, Mohsen Shahmohammadi, and Reza Abdolvand, "Sensing Acoustic Properties of Materials Using Piezoelectric Lateral-Mode Resonators," IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), Orlando, FL, Oct. 2011.

Contact Information:

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Phone: 918-594-8616

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