Introduction to MEMS (ECEN 5923)

Introduction to MEMS (ECEN 5923)

Course objective:

In this course the fundamentals ofmicroelectromechanical systems (MEMS) will be reviewed.Students will study a complete microsystem manufacturingcycle including design, modeling and fabrication. They will gain insight into the problems associated with developingsuch systems and learn the techniques and the tools usefulfor solving those.



The need for background information inthis course is minimized and ECEN5843 (microelectronicfabrication) is the only prerequisite for students enrollingfrom ECEN. Although this is a graduate level course, seniorundergraduate students in many disciplines such asphysics, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineeringare encouraged to enroll. Interested students who have nottaken the prerequisite should contact the instructor for apossible waiver.


Course Mechanics:

Lectures will be discussion-based.Many interesting applications will be studied throughout thesessions and students will be greatly involved with the skillgenerationprocess by expressing their views andquestions. Students individually or in groups will beresponsible for preparing an in-depth presentation on aspecific topic of their choice which counts toward 40% oftheir final grade. The rest of the grade is distributed amonghomework, a mid-term exam, and other class activities.

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